Fields of Business

JMU AMTEC operates in a wide range of fields,
focusing on businesses related to marine transport.

JMU AMTEC is engaged in a wide array of fields related to marine transport.
These include building of small ships and work vessels, construction of steel structures, repair and refurbishment of work vessels and other ships, and fabrication of living quarters and blocks for general commercial vessels.

JMU AMTEC boasts an extensive track record in shipbuilding, including production of numerous crane ships, grab-bucket dredgers, soil-stabilization ships and marine environmental ships.

Leveraging this wealth of expertise, the Company proposes designs and specifications to meet customer needs.

Ship repair
Equipped with a large repair dock and an outfitting wharf, JMU AMTEC can respond flexibly to orders for the inspection, repair and refurbishment of work vessels and other ships.

Interim inspections, scheduled inspections, repair of accidents at sea, special refurbishment

Living Quarters
JMU AMTEC lines up moving surface plates on the shipbuilding dock and continuously manufactures ship living quarters. The Company responds flexibly in accordance with customer needs, delivering and installing the living-quarters blocks before performing interior work to deliver the finished vessel.

Outfitting of hulls for living quarters

Hull blocks
The Company serves a wide variety of needs in hull blocks, from creation of product data through sourcing of materials to outfitting and painting.

Fabrication of bow, stern and hull blocks

Boiler production, other
The Company produces a wide range of steel products for both on-shore and marine use.

Floating piers, various floating structures such as floating breakwaters and land-based steel structures


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