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Bird’s-eye view of the JMU AMTEC docks

Bird’s-eye view of the JMU AMTEC docks

JMU AMTEC proposes optimal repair and refurbishment work to suit customers’ needs, for ships ranging from large commercial ships to work vessels of a wide variety of types and applications.

The Company possesses large repair docks and outfitting wharfs that can be flexibly applied in the inspection, repair and refurbishment of ships and work vessels.
The Company boasts an extensive track record in a wide variety of projects, including installation of cranes on marine crane ships, replacement of propulsion machinery and work on accidents at sea.

Work Vessels

  • Replacing the wires on a large marine crane ship

  • Replacing the wires on a large marine crane ship (affixing the jib)

  • Replacement of the threaded axle of boom hoisting on a fully rotating marine crane

    • Replacement of main propulsion machinery

    • Replacement of dredging pump

    • Replacement of a casing leader for sand compaction

    • Docked overhaul of propeller, etc. of an ocean tug

    • Vessel widening and extension and refurbishment of plant equipment

Commercial Vessels

  • Docked overhaul of a passenger ship

  • Docked overhaul of a bulk carrier

  • Installation of a ballast water management system

  • Removal and overhaul of a ferry axle


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