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Floating piers / Floating structures (floating breakwaters,floating dikes and floating piers) / Silos / Water intake ports for thermal power stations

We contributing to the development of infrastructure
through fabrication of steel products

JMU AMTEC manufactures steel structures for both sea and land, including floating piers, floating breakwaters and other floating structures as well steel structures for installation on land.

Hybrid caissons (steel hulls)

In hybrid caissons, unlike in concrete caissons, the role of the interior frame is performed by the steel hull. This structure reduces on-site construction time.

LNG piping bridge

This equipment is used at thermal generation stations that run on LNG, a green energy source. It is used to load LNG onto tanker ships.

Water intake ports for thermal power stations

Thermal generating stations require cooling, which can be performed using seawater. This equipment ensures that the seawater supplied for this purpose is free of impurities.

Floating structures (floating breakwaters and floating dikes)

Floating breakwaters are structures used to reduce the height of waves so as to increase the number of operating days for feeding fish at fish farms, etc.
Floating dikes are structures that function in the same way as fixed dikes, protecting the interiors of ports.

Floating structures (floating piers)

Floating piers are equipment that make boarding, disembarking, loading and unloading easy by ensuring that the pier and the ship’s deck are at the same height.
A large floating pier can be used to drive cars on and off ferries.

Wharf repair (dry-box method)

In this method of wharf repair, a dry box is installed in the portion of the wharf below the waterline, creating a hollow space.
This arrangement permits repairs that can only be performed in a hollow space, boosts work efficiency and improves quality control.

  • Wharf repair

    Used for reinforcement and painting of steel-sheet wharfs

  • Earthquake-resistant reinforcement of floodgates

    Earthquake-resistant reinforcement of floodgates can only be performed in a hollow space. Use of a dry box dramatically improves the task of supplying such a hollow space, which is normally highly time-consuming. Conventionally, steel sheet pipes and sandbags are used to prevent inundation; with the use of a dry box, installation time is cut to about half a day.

  • Bridge repair

    When repairing bridge piers, which tend to be mostly beyond the bay, the use of a dry box shelters workers from the effects of tides and waves.


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