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This cookie policy (“the Cookie Policy”) applies to this website (“the Website”), which is provided by JMU AMTEC CO. LTD. (“the Company”).

Only persons who have carefully read and agreed to the Cookie Policy can use the Website.
Your access, viewing and use of the Website constitutes your agreement to the Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to the Cookie Policy, please change your cookie settings so that you cannot accept cookies or refrain from using the Website.

1. What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a feature that stores on your PC, tablet or smartphone the information you viewed on the Website.
Cookies acquire information such as the number of times the device you use views the Website and which pages you visited.

2. Scope of Use of Cookies

(1)Cookies make visiting the Website more convenient. For example, when the Website identifies your device and stores a cookie on it, it remembers the information you entered, so you do not have to enter the same information repeatedly.

(2)The Company uses the information collected by cookies to analyze your use of the Website (access conditions, traffic, etc.). This analysis is used to improve the Website’s performance and the services it provides you.

The cookie information acquired by the Website does not include any information that can be used to identify you.

3. Types of Cookies Used

The Website uses two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are cookies stored temporarily on your device. They remain stored on your device only while you are viewing the website.
Persistent cookies remain stored on your device even after you have stopped viewing the Website. These cookies remain stored until their specified date of expiration or until you manually delete them.

Third-party cookies are cookies that are transferred on the Website by third parties, rather than the Company.
If you wish to learn more about third-party cookies, or about how to prevent cookies from being stored on your device, please read the privacy policies of the third parties that use the information from the third-party cookies.

The Company uses the following tools to measure and analyze the status of use of the Website.

Google Analytics

4. Disabling Cookies

If you do not agree to the Cookie Policy, please use your browser settings to disable cookies.
To learn how to change your browser’s settings, please visit the website that provides the browser you use.
When cookies are disabled on your browser, you may be unable to use some of the features of the Website.

5. Changes to the Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy is subject to change without notice.
Please check regularly for changes to the Cookie Policy as you use the Website. The latest Cookie Policy always takes precedence over previous ones.

April 1, 2021